Adventages of Tesla-Protect

Protection against Stone Chips

Depending on use, stone chips can cause damage to exposed areas after a short time. With the Paint Protection Films (PPFs)  from Tesla-Protect, body parts are perfectly protected. Depending on the driving performance and use, you can protect your Tesla exactly where the stress is greatest: bumpers, rocker panels, fenders – Our PPFs are available individually or as a set.

Prevents loss of value

If you are about to sell your Tesla in a few years, you have the best chance of a successful resale. The Paint Protection Films from Tesla-Protect, protect your car from wear and tear. Compared to unprotected vehicles, your Tesla will look a lot fresher and almost like new.

Easy Installation at Home

The fit of our PPFs will impress you – we have tested them ourselves and manufacture them in our shop. Please refer to our application instructions and product information.

Quality and craftsmanship made in Austria

We manufacture all Testa-Protect PPFs in Austria. Perfectly Pre-Cut and adapted to your model, we guarantee the highest quality and durability with correct assembly. Support us as an Austrian manufacturer and protect your Tesla with a genuine quality product


Protective films from Tesla-Protect are not a natural product, but they extend the durability and integrity of your Tesla. Repairs and painting work are less necessary if our PPFs protect the paintwork. We produce Tesla-Protect with as little excess film as possible and pay attention to CO2-neutral shipping. Protect what is important to you and make a contribution to environmental protection.